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What is Nano Face Mask

For the purposes of defining the term nanomask, we distinguish two basic types. Professional and certified medical masks and all others, regardless of the type and method of production or certification.

What is a nano medical mask

It is a product identical in type and use, such as the one known as a medical or surgical mask. The production difference is the use of filter material. Instead of the usual material with filter protection against bacteria is used some type of nano filter or nano filtration protection. Nano surgical masks are medical protection equipment and they must be certified and meet all production norms and standards applicable to common surgical masks.

What is a nano protective mask

A protective face mask is an equipment used to protect the respiratory tract. This protective equipment has no restrictions or regulations on production. A nano mask must contain at least one type of nano filtering protection.

Most common types of nano filtration

In the list below you will find the most common types of nano filtering used in protective face masks.

  • Physical nano barrier
  • Filter layer with active silver
  • Filter layer with active copper

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